John Corten

Signs that the housing market is rebounding faster than the zombie apocalypse is gaining steam

This week has been a sort of win-win for proponents of a housing recovery and opponents of the popular internet rumor of a coming zombie invasion. May’s new housing starts were higher than they’ve been in three and a half years and Lennar, the nation’s 3rd largest builder, announced that new home orders jumped 40% last quarter.

While the recent rise in both homes sales and prices have been great news, new home starts are considered the best sign of housing market health and consumer confidence. So a 40% bump from such a large builder is reason to be optimistic. Meanwhile interest rates continue to remain at record lows so if you’re somehow still waiting to buy… well I’ll let CNN Money pile onto the “we’ve hit bottom” bandwagon. If you’re flirting with the idea of selling now if the time to make those repairs, paint those faded rooms, and get into the action while inventory is still low and buyers are still ravenous.

The other piece of good news is that the semi-fictional zombie invasion seems to be losing momentum. After a rash of bonafide zombie-like behavior around the world, people seem to be back to their normal, boring selves. As a tribute to both the housing market recovery and the fading zombie movement here is a nice little bit of humor marrying real estate and the undead:




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